Market Access

In all of our work at Costello Medical, we focus on demonstrating the value of a product using the strongest scientific evidence base available, but nowhere is this emphasis more evident than in our market access work.

Market Access

We recognise that a clear, well-defined market access strategy and the timing and consistency of communication are pivotal to successful market access. We therefore ensure that our strategic market access planning takes into account all available evidence for a product, the competitive landscape and different stakeholder perspectives, in addition to anticipating potential challenges and solutions.

Our market access materials – from value dossiers to customer-facing economic tools – are always scientifically accurate, accessible to the target audience and presented creatively to convey the value messages in the most appropriate format. All are developed using the key value messages as their foundation, ensuring consistent communication.

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Market Access Planning and Strategy
Market Access Planning and Strategy
Evidence Generation
Evidence Generation
Internal Resources and Training
Internal Resources and Training
Stakeholder Engagement and Materials
Stakeholder Engagement and Materials

Our market access expertise spans:

Market access planning and strategy
  • Strategic planning and evidence generation plans
  • Lifecycle communication planning, including publication planning supported by our Publications Division
  • Key value message development and validation
Evidence generation
Internal resources and training
  • Global and local value dossiers
  • Internal market access training materials and workshops
  • Objection handling documents
Stakeholder engagement and materials
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions, in collaboration with our dedicated HTA Division
  • Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) dossiers
  • Market access white papers
  • Original research and literature review publications, supported by our Publications Division
  • Interactive value resources, with support from our Design Division
  • Tailored evidence-based product brochures

Case Studies

Global Market Access Tools

A newly-created global market access department asked us to develop materials to communicate the value of one of their products and, at the same time, to help them convince their organisation of the advantages of coordinated worldwide market access strategies for their key products.

We conducted pragmatic literature reviews and used the evidence to develop a compelling, evidence-based value proposition for the product, highlighting its value through clear, concise value statements. Feedback was collated on the value proposition through a value messaging workshop attended by key internal stakeholders and an affiliate questionnaire, which enabled the client to reach consensus on the value statements and ensured that the messages resonated across markets. The value proposition set the standard for how the technology should be communicated and was used to align value messaging for all subsequent value materials.

With the value proposition developed, we compiled a global value dossier. This adhered closely to the value proposition, explained the key evidence supporting each claim to form a central point of reference for all users, and was designed to respond to the needs and challenges of teams in key markets. We anticipated the market access department’s need to explain this unfamiliar tool to senior management and other colleagues, so developed tailored training slides to convey the value dossier methodology, content and practical purpose to internal stakeholders.

The value materials were met with a positive reception across the organisation and the market access team gained approval to drive the market access activities of two further technologies with further bespoke value dossiers. These have since fed into impactful customer-facing materials, including objection handling documents, interactive value dossiers, sales force training and health economic modelling.

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We can offer a range of different review types, suited to the individual project. Pragmatic or systematic literature reviews are conducted in collaboration with our in-house evidence development experts to assimilate the most relevant and compelling evidence for the value of a product.

Developed closely with the client, using the results of the evidence identification and synthesis to explain the value messages of a product in an engaging and impactful style.

Bringing together key internal stakeholders to provide constructive feedback and achieve consensus on the content of the value proposition through presentations, group discussions and break-out sessions.

Developed to collate local affiliate requirements for the value proposition and dossier, and so ensure that the materials are tailored to their needs as far as possible.

Developed using feedback received from local affiliates and at the value messaging workshop, the finalised value proposition promotes alignment of the most impactful value messages for a product, and can feed into all activities supporting the technology to ensure consistent messaging.

A central repository covering information such as product design, unmet need, clinical, registry, economic and competitor data, so demonstrating the value of a product and differentiating it from competitors from the perspective of clinical and non-clinical stakeholders. This resource can be used to inform internal or customer-facing materials.

To prepare Sales Reps for typical clinical and economic questions they may have to answer from customers, and align the team on delivering effective, evidence-based responses.

A visual, interactive and easily-navigated summary of the value dossier, designed to facilitate discussions on the value of a product with clinical or non-clinical customers.

A training event consisting of presentations, role-play and Q&A sessions to ensure that the sales force understand the methodology behind the materials and how they can be used to effectively engage with customers.

To demonstrate the economic value of a product to internal and external stakeholders and support market access. In collaboration with our in-house health economics experts we can develop robust Markov models, discrete event simulations, budget impact models or cost-of-illness models to suit your exact requirements.

Adaptation and Implementation of Value Tools and Global Evidence-Based Medicine Training

We were approached by a major medical device company which had recently established a small health economics and market access team with their Asia-Pacific structure.

Initially, our priority was to develop a compelling, regionally-relevant value proposition for an implantable device of strategic importance to the regional revenue. Once validated, multiple versions of the full value slideset were adapted to target different priority countries across the region, including South East Asia, Australia and Korea. Each slideset was tailored using locally relevant data, including disease burden, clinical and economic evidence identified via pragmatic searches using local languages, including Mandarin and Korean. The slideset was highly visual, including animations to illustrate the disease pathway to non-clinical stakeholders, and videos to educate potential clinical referrers and implanters about the simple nature of the implanting procedure. Once finalised, the slideset was developed as an interactive digital tool which could be rolled out to the sales team’s iPads.

As the sales team had limited experience in selling using health economic evidence, we developed a training video to explain the structure and content of the tool. The training video was accompanied by a survey to seek feedback from end users on the relevance of the value messages for additional markets, and to ensure that each individual developed a customer exposure plan once the tool was launched. We also conducted face-to-face training with the growing China sales and marketing teams, including an entry-level introduction to basic principles of health economics which would be needed for the team to engage with economic stakeholders.

In order to upskill the client’s teams in the region, we designed a more comprehensive training course covering principles of evidence-based medicine, including clinical trial design, scientific publications, statistics, epidemiology and health economics. The training course was developed as an e-Module which could be deployed via the company’s learning management system. The training was learner-orientated, featuring examples from across the client’s therapeutic portfolio to illustrate the learning objectives in a relevant and engaging manner.

The learning e-Modules went on to be adopted beyond the Asia-Pacific region, with global approval to train sales and marketing teams worldwide. The modules were successfully integrated at a country level for existing teams as well as incorporated as part of the onboarding process for new staff. The course allowed all teams to increase their ability to sell in an evidence-based manner using tools such as value slidesets and health economic apps that we had prepared. Overall, the project strengthened the role of the health economics and market access function within the company, contributing to increased investment in market access activities.

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