Our experience supporting the MedTech industry includes:

Medical Devices

  • Surgical devices, including robotic-assisted surgical platforms and surgical instruments
  • Targeted treatment devices, such as focused radiation, ablation, and extracorporeal solutions


  • In vitro diagnostics and therapeutic optimisation technologies
  • Medical imaging technologies, comprising instruments, and contrast agents


  • Digital technologies that enhance existing devices, procedures, and the experience of patients, HCPs, and payers
  • Health applications that act as standalone interventions, output biometric data, or facilitate the overall patient–care pathway

and we have worked across:

MRI scans

We understand the regulatory, lifecycle and financial differences between pharmaceuticals and MedTech

We specialise in generating solutions to address the additional challenges manufacturers must overcome for successful market access and reimbursement of new and existing medical technologies.

Our team also has extensive experience of keeping pace with technological advancements in MedTech, including technologies with unique barriers to market access. We have experience of digital technologies wherein the ultimate benefit to patients, HCPs and payers cannot be directly demonstrated via “traditional” clinical or economic endpoints, requiring innovative approaches to evidence generation, coupled with bespoke, compelling value messaging to gain market entry.

Evidence Development

  • Evidence generation strategy
  • Systematic and targeted literature reviews for regulatory, reimbursement, and strategic purposes
  • Meta-analysis and indirect comparisons
  • Gap analysis
  • Real-world evidence studies
  • Health economic modelling, including
  • Delphi panels and expert roundtable discussions
  • Utility elicitation studies

Value & Access

  • Value proposition development and testing
  • Value dossiers, value briefs, and other materials
  • Competitor and stakeholder mapping
  • HTA submissions and reimbursement advice
  • Early scientific and pre-regulatory advice
  • Treatment and patient pathway advice
  • Objection handlers
  • Payer advisory boards

Medical Communications

  • Clinical evaluation reports
  • Strategic publication planning
  • Scientific communication platforms
  • Publications development
  • Medical affairs strategic planning
  • Advisory boards and investigator meetings
  • Medical information materials
  • Medical education and events
  • Patient engagement
  • Creative services

A dedicated and agile team with transferable expertise

Our team works across pharmaceutical and MedTech projects, allowing us to apply clinical and health economic expertise and knowledge of our state-of the-art service offerings to the challenges unique to MedTech.

Our Consultants work with you from project conception to completion, investing considerable time tailoring to your needs and ensuring competitive pricing, and giving you a dedicated, highly experienced point of contact invested in successful project delivery. Our knowledgeable, flexible team can provide support and advice at every stage of your product’s life cycle.

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