Our mission is to embed a patient-centric approach across the company by supporting exceptional work and championing meaningful partnerships with patients and across the healthcare sector

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We believe patients should be at the centre of all medical research and communication

It is the responsibility of medical researchers and communicators to ensure the work we do is relevant, accessible and understandable for patients. We aim to involve patients in all project types across the company and can provide guidance on positive, compliant and meaningful patient engagement.

Our patient engagement team can support the respectful and productive involvement of patients in our work, and Costello Medical employees are trained on the importance and impact of meaningful patient engagement. Scientific teams throughout the company are taught how to write in patient-friendly language.

Our dedicated team have experience in the delivery of:

Patient surveys

Developed and conducted to collect quantitative or qualitative data about patients’ experiences and treatment preferences, surveys can give patients a voice in medical research.


Plain language summaries

Easy-to-read summaries of complex scientific publications or health technology assessments can increase accessibility of trial data and help empower patients.

Patient advisory boards and roundtables

Facilitating and capturing discussion on unmet need or innovative solutions to help inform research questions, trial design and holistic healthcare solutions.

Patient-focused materials and leaflets

To educate or increase awareness of a specific disease, issue or healthcare solution through patient-friendly writing and understandable images.

Patient authors and reviewers

Patients can provide new perspectives and ensure relevance and accessibility through their review or authorship of materials.

Infographics and animations

Our Creative team have extensive experience in developing infographics, animations and videos that make complex scientific concepts and data understandable for patients and the public.

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Discover the value of Patient Engagement

Engaged patients are better able to make informed decisions about their care options, and can take charge of their treatment journey, thus improving the shared-decision making process1

Experience to date demonstrates that the involvement of patients has resulted in increased transparency, trust and mutual respect between them and other stakeholders1

Drawing on patient knowledge and experience helps to understand what it is like to live with a specific condition, how care is administered and the day-to-day use of medicines. This helps to improve discovery, development, and evaluation of new, effective medicines1

Consistent patient engagement enables pharmaceutical and MedTech companies to offer products and services that have real patient benefits1

  1. European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) Guidance for patient involvement in industry-led medicines R&D. Available online here.

How to Successfully Engage Patients in MedComms: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective

On 23rd April 2024, Costello Medical hosted a webinar to share innovative strategies and practical tips for enhancing patient engagement in MedComms. Our Expert panel shared their experiences and perspectives on how patients can be meaningfully and effectively involved in MedComms work, as well as solutions to overcome the perceived barriers to this kind of collaboration.

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