Health Policy & Public Affairs

Evidence-based communications play a central role in health policy and public affairs, helping to raise awareness on important health issues, address unmet needs, and create a vision for the future.

Our talented teams collaborate to provide end-to-end support in the delivery of a wide variety of projects ranging from white papers and Delphi panels, to service evaluations and advocacy toolkits. We combine our strong scientific backgrounds, multidisciplinary skills, multistakeholder engagement expertise, and ability to tailor language to different target audiences to develop and communicate compelling evidence to promote policy change.

We pride ourselves on fostering successful, long-term collaborations with private and public sector organisations, healthcare professionals, and patient groups and organisations to bring together knowledge and unique insights, and work towards shared healthcare goals at the local, regional, and global level.

Health Policy

End-to-end support for the delivery of impactful, evidence-based health policy projects

Public Sector

Working with public sector and non-governmental organisations

Patient Engagement

Enabling respectful, meaningful and sustainable patient involvement in projects across our services

Rare Diseases Policy Roundtable

Costello Medical organised and hosted a multistakeholder roundtable meeting in collaboration with the Cambridge Rare Disease Network (CRDN) and Beacon. Discussions focused on current challenges associated with the transition of young people living with rare diseases into adult healthcare services, and participants proposed a number of solutions and key recommendations to improve the transition process for patients and their families. Although discussions focused predominantly on services at the local level (Cambridgeshire and the surrounding region), many of the themes raised are likely to be relevant to national transition processes.

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