Evidence Development

Our collaborative team provide exceptional support to clients across the product lifecycle to plan and develop the evidence required for success. Our strategic approach to systematic literature reviews, real-world evidence studies, statistics and health economics ensures that our work can withstand the highest level of scrutiny, from payers to clinicians and peer reviewers, and fits our clients’ priorities.

Because evidence-based medicine is the cornerstone of medical decision-making, our multidisciplinary team are proud to deliver rigorous, transparent methodology that combines the latest technical developments and guidelines with exceptional scientific understanding.

Literature Reviews and Synthesis

Setting the standard in systematic and pragmatic literature reviewing

Real-World Evidence

Methodologically robust and clinically appropriate analysis of real-world data


From network meta-analysis to clinical trial and real-world data analysis

Health Economics

Modelling expertise across HTA and market access models

Support we offer

Evidence generation strategy

Systematic and other literature reviews

Gap analysis

Meta-analysis and network meta-analysis

Evidence synthesis

Real-world evidence studies

Health economic modelling

In-field economic models and tools

Delphi panels

Utility elicitation studies

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NICE Real-World Evidence Framework

In June 2022, the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) launched its real-world evidence (RWE) framework. Our RWE team was delighted to participate in the public consultation for the framework earlier this year and reflect on the potential impact it will have on the UK and global health technology assessment (HTA) landscape in this article.

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Delphi Panels

The Delphi method is a structured and systematic technique used to gather consensus on specific issues from a group of experts. We have been conducting Delphi panels on behalf of our clients for more than 5 years. Our Technical Innovation and Development team have created a bespoke Delphi app, which allows the user to design, run and analyse Delphi panels in a single platform.

We are now routinely using our app to conduct Delphi panels on behalf of our clients and collaborators, enabling them to conduct methodologically robust Delphi panels more easily. In doing so, we look forward to improving the quality of Delphi panels in the literature and increase the utility of this method as an evidence generation tool in the healthcare setting.

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