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We aim to help create a vision for the future and inform policy change

Communications play a central role in health policy, informing policy change to achieve defined healthcare goals at the local, regional, and global level.

At Costello Medical, our health policy team combine our scientific expertise, multidisciplinary approach, and experience of multistakeholder engagement to produce impactful, evidence-based deliverables.

Our dedicated team have experience in the delivery of:

White papers and policy briefs

To raise awareness, educate and encourage collaboration regarding a specific healthcare issue, presenting an evidence-based framework of practical solutions for healthcare professionals and policymakers

Expert consensus and Delphi panels

Working with leading experts to gather opinion and reach consensus on unmet medical needs, with an aim to promote best practice and improve patient care

Policy roundtables and meeting reports

Organising, facilitating and capturing multistakeholder discussions on key healthcare topics, with a focus on identifying current challenges and opportunities, and developing actionable policy recommendations

Service evaluations and options appraisals

Collecting and analysing data to evaluate healthcare service delivery, and assess the impact of policy change, to facilitate evidence-based decision making

Strategic planning and advocacy support

Identifying strategic goals and objectives, developing bespoke communication action plans, and designing visually impactful materials to engage key stakeholders

What sets our Health Policy team apart?

  • Commitment to the delivery of high-quality work and excellent customer service
  • End-to-end support from a single, multidisciplinary project team
  • Strong scientific understanding and technical skills, including quantitative and qualitative evidence generation and analysis
  • Expertise in multistakeholder engagement, including virtual and face-to-face events
  • Strategic guidance to achieve project goals and maximise the impact of deliverables

For more information on our Health Policy services or to request a quote, please contact Debbie Nixon

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