Frequently Asked Questions

Please email the Talent Acquisition team at with any questions that are not addressed here.

Our recruitment process is designed to rigorously assess a variety of key skills necessary to deliver the role. It also provides you with a true flavour of what the role entails.

The first step is to submit a CV/resume and cover letter via the online application form found within each job advert. Your application will first be assessed by a member of the Talent Acquisition team.

The proceeding stages of the recruitment process are dependent on which role you have applied for and full details will be provided by the Talent Acquisition team to ensure you are fully informed about each stage of the process.

When applying for our Technical, Creative and Operations roles, you may be invited to complete a 15-minute telephone interview with a member of the Talent Acquisition team. During this call, you will explore your motivations for applying and the skills you can bring to the role.

For most roles, you will be sent an assessment exercise to complete at home. The assessment will be tailored to the role you have applied for to assess the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills.

Successful candidates will then be invited to an interview, either in our office or remotely, which will involve competency-based questions.

For our Scientific and Technical roles, you may be asked to give a short presentation ahead of your interview, which you can prepare for in advance. This will last for 10 minutes and will be presented to two members of the recruitment team.

The final stage of the recruitment process may involve a proofreading exercise which will last 45 minutes and assesses your attention to detail.

As an employer we are committed to promoting and protecting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all our colleagues and to ensure a fair and equitable recruitment process. Please email if you require any reasonable adjustments to the selection process, including the assessment or interview. We prefer that any information about health or disability is disclosed separately from the application form to help us keep it confidential.

For more information and guidance on the reasonable adjustments we can offer, please visit our Reasonable Adjustments page. This outlines some of the adjustments we can make at your request. This list is not exhaustive so please do reach out to our friendly and helpful Talent Acquisition team if you require more information or other adjustments to the recruitment process.

Your application will be reviewed by several members of the team throughout the recruitment process, however, if you wish to address your cover letter to one individual, please choose Sophie Costello.

Overall, your cover letter should answer two questions: 1. why you would be suited to the role and 2. why you would like to join Costello Medical. We are looking for cover letters that are tailored to the role and our company. Therefore, you should include your relevant skills and experiences, linking them to the requirements of the role you have applied for. We are also eager to know your motivations for applying, your interests in joining Costello Medical and your passion for working in the healthcare sector. We recommend that they are no longer than one page.

Most of our permanent roles, and all of our internship roles, are entry-level and suitable for recent graduates or those joining from other industries. No prior experience is needed for either role. If you are looking for a permanent opportunity, we recommend that you apply for a permanent role, for example the Analyst/Medical Writer role. However, if you are unsure if this is a field you wish to commit to in the longer term, and are therefore looking to gain experience, you may wish to consider an internship instead, for example the Analyst/Medical Writer Internship role.

Our internship programmes provide a first-hand insight into life at a fast-growing company. Therefore, there are times when the responsibilities and typical workload of both permanent and internship team members overlap.

Due to the differing recruitment processes associated with each role, we can only consider one application from you at a time. Therefore, please decide which opportunity you would like to be considered for before submitting your application. Occasionally our Talent Acquisition team will suggest a different role would be more suitable for you than the one you have applied for.

The details for each role, as well as the online application forms, can be found on our career pages with further information about a typical day for our colleagues available here.

From time to time, we are able to welcome students for work experience weeks and applications are typically organised through schools we have partnered with. If you are interested to learn more, please contact the Talent Acquisition team via

Please note that you will be unable to directly contribute to our client work, due to the confidential and sensitive nature of our projects. However, we will aim to involve you in our pro bono or research efforts to provide you with useful and insightful experiences.

We are looking to partner with universities and provide undergraduate placements to be based in our UK offices. If you are currently enrolled on a scientific degree programme and would like to conduct your ‘year in industry’ at Costello Medical, please contact the Talent Acquisition team via

We do not currently offer a graduate scheme. However, our entry-level roles include many components similar to graduate schemes, including extensive training provision and rapid, tailored career development opportunities. You can find all our entry-level and internship opportunities on our career pages.

Yes, we can arrange online interviews. If your interview is remote, we will try to provide you with an opportunity to visit and tour our offices before your start date.

Unless explicitly stated on our job adverts, there are no set deadlines for applications. We typically recruit on a rolling basis; however, some roles may close when suitable candidates are hired. We strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible so we can begin processing your application. We can often offer deferred start dates and you will be asked to state your availability in the application form.

Unless explicitly stated within a job advert, we have start dates available throughout the year. Our largest cohorts tend to join us in January, April, July and September. Please state your availability in your application form.

We welcome applications from international candidates and below are details of our ability to provide visa sponsorship. Please note that we are unable to provide advice about which visa type might be suitable for you. These questions should be directed to your university career advisors or explored on the relevant government website.

  • UK: We can provide visa sponsorship for eligible candidates to work in our UK offices, assuming our vacancy meets the requirements for visa sponsorship. You will be asked to provide details of your right to work in the UK within your application, however this will have no impact on the processing of your application if the role is eligible for visa sponsorship.
  • US: We are unfortunately unable to provide visa sponsorship to allow international candidates to work in our US office. However, we can consider those on a temporary visa, such as an OPT visa.
  • Singapore: We can provide support with Employment Pass (EP) applications for some of our vacancies and further details are available on each of our job adverts. You will be asked to provide details of your right to work in Singapore within your application, however this will have no impact on the processing of your application if we are able to support EP applications for that role.
  • China: We can consider sponsoring your visa applications to allow you to work in China. However, this is taken on a case by case basis.

Most of our new recruits will be based in our Global Headquarters in Cambridge, which is located in the CB1 business district. This office is close to Cambridge train station and has ample bus links. Our Headquarters is home to over 100 colleagues, spanning all our divisions. We have a small number of opportunities available at our London and Manchester offices, meaning we can offer roles there from time-to-time. Please state your preference in your application form and we will aim to accommodate for this.

We are happy to offer advice for those relocating to join Costello Medical, including providing advice on finding accommodation.

On a case-by-case basis, it is also sometimes possible to relocate between our UK offices and colleagues are asked to submit a formal application to ensure all implications, such as project and client work, can be considered.

Our working from home policy allows you to work from home for up to 50% of your time, after you have passed probation. There is great flexibility around how you utilise this policy. For example, some colleagues choose to spend a few days in the office and a few days working from home in the same week. Other colleagues chose to spend one full week in the office followed by one full week working from home.

We try to ensure our working days are aligned as much as possible and generally observe standard business hours; this ensures maximum opportunities for collaboration. However, you can work flexibly and alter your start and finish times each day.

Please note that we are unable to offer any roles on a fully remote basis. Our office spaces play a large role in our company culture and we highly value the chance to work together in these collaborative spaces.

We look for an excellent attention to detail, strong written and verbal communication skills, a passion for providing outstanding customer service and an enthusiasm to improve patient outcomes globally. For our entry-level roles, a desire and passion to learn is essential. Please review our job adverts for the specific requirements associated with each role.

There are numerous opportunities for personal and professional development at Costello Medical and, as we offer a range of entry-level opportunities across the company, we remain committed to the principle of developing talent from within.

Personal and professional development can, of course, include promotion – all of our Senior Management team have progressed internally. We host promotion rounds twice per year and your line manager will coach and guide you through this process if or when you decide that is what you would like to pursue. Many individuals choose to pursue swift, successive promotions to the Senior Team, the Senior Management team and even beyond, although individuals are encouraged and supported to progress at a pace they feel comfortable with. At Senior Management level, responsibilities include leading the project team and the corresponding client communication, business development, and supporting the development and wellbeing of your division and project teams.

To learn more about the personal and professional development opportunities we offer at Costello Medical, please click here to read about our colleague’s experiences of growing with the company.

There are numerous opportunities for fast and tailored career progression. We remain committed to the principle of developing talent from within. New joiners to the team have been promoted within their first 9-12 months. Our Senior Management Team have largely progressed internally and some of our Division Heads were promoted to this position in as little as 3 years.

When you join in a scientific role you can specialise in a particular service offering, or you might choose to remain cross-divisional and work across various service offerings as your role develops. As you grow with the company, your client and project responsibilities will increase and, when you reach the Consultant role, you will be the “go to” person, leading both the project team and the corresponding client communication.

To learn more about the tailored career progression we offer at Costello Medical, please click here to read about our colleague’s experiences of growing with the company.

Please click here to read our privacy policy before submitting your application.

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