Image of Facilities Administrator

A Day in the Life of a Facilities Administrator

Laura Catterall is a Senior Operations Coordinator in our London office and joined the company in 2020.

What did you do before joining Costello Medical?

In 2016, I graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Graphic and Communication Design. I then started a career that focused on social media and marketing with a technology firm, followed by an architecture company.

I was made redundant during the pandemic, and this gave me a unique opportunity to take a step back and evaluate the parts of my previous job I enjoyed the most and what I valued in a company. I had enjoyed working with people, being part of a team as well as being creative and hosting events.

Costello Medical appealed to me as it ticked these boxes and more! It is dynamic, rapidly growing and all of its values matched my own. Not to mention, I would be working for an incredible female CEO!

In 2020, I joined Costello Medical’s London office as Facilities Administrator and, in 2022, I was promoted to Senior Operations Coordinator.

What did you like best about your role as a Facilities Administrator at Costello Medical?

When I was Facilities Administrator, I had lots of important responsibilities and played a vital role in the smooth running of the London office. Being the “go-to” person for my colleagues, assisting with all their needs and reducing the administrative burden they face brought me a lot of satisfaction. In this role, I was an important part of the team, and it was clear that my efforts created a positive impact on everyone’s working lives.

The role was very varied, and this always kept me on my toes; no two days were the same and this challenge was something I relished. Some of the problems or challenges you face as a Facilities Administrator require you to think creatively to find innovative solutions and I really enjoyed that. The challenging nature of the role was something I found hugely motivating and it allows you to keep learning and grow as you gain more experience.

Finally, as a people-person, I have always loved the opportunity to arrange company events and social activities. The culture at Costello Medical is hugely friendly and supportive making it such an enjoyable place to work.

How would you describe a typical day in the life of a Facilities Administrator at Costello Medical?


When I arrive at the office, my first port of call is always to check over my to-do list and update this with any urgent emails that I have received since logging off yesterday. My to-do list always needs to be flexible as I often receive ad-hoc or urgent requests from my colleagues; being ready to change my plans for the day has really helped me to flourish in this role!


Today, we are welcoming four new colleagues to our London office and so my first task is to set out a breakfast for everyone to enjoy. This is a brilliant opportunity to get to know our new colleagues and welcome them to the team. Given how much the company is growing, we tend to host these breakfasts once a month.


Having filled up on breakfast treats, I head back to my desk and start to plan future events for the office. As well as celebrating people’s first day and birthdays, we also celebrate any national holidays or festivals. Today, I am planning an easter egg hunt around the communal office as well as ordering an array of decorations to brighten up the place for spring! I love taking the opportunity to be creative and I can always suggest new ideas and have the autonomy to then carry these out.


Later in the morning, my time is dedicated to answering colleague queries. We use a shared mailbox for questions and requests; it is my responsibility to answer questions relating to the London office. Today, I have a request to prepare a desk for a colleague who is visiting from the Manchester office next week as well as a query about working from home equipment. I need to ensure my responses are always efficient and informative so that my colleagues are not left with further questions.


I then head to the communal areas of the office to have my lunch, taking the opportunity to catch up with everyone and hear about what they have been up to recently!


This afternoon, I am updating some company-wide materials. I am responsible for the company’s A-Z Guide which houses information for a range of topics relating to the running of the business. This includes office floorplans, health and safety information, details of our dress code and key contact details for the various people within the Operations division. Today, I need to update some of the health and safety information, which is a vital part of my role; it’s imperative to ensure my colleagues are safe in the office, so this information needs to be kept up to date and accurate. I’ve also recently been on a Health and Safety training course, supported by Costello Medical, which has provided me with a wealth of information to share with the company.


I then conduct my afternoon “walk around”. This involves walking round all areas of the office to make sure everything is as it should be.


We have an interview taking place in the office today, so I have prepared a meeting room in advance and now head to reception to greet the candidate. I am the first person the candidate has met today so it is important I represent the company well. Plus, candidates are often feeling nervous, so I try to put them at ease if possible!


Whilst the interview is happening, I return to my desk and start planning for an upcoming meeting – next week, one of our divisions is hosting an all-day strategy meeting in the office so I have offered to arrange for lunch to be delivered as well as ensuring all the necessary meeting rooms have been booked. This meeting requires colleagues to travel to London from our other offices, so I am helping them reserve car parking spaces, as well as reserving desks for them, via our online booking system. When the meeting takes place next week, I will make sure I am on hand to assist if needed.


A group of us are all heading out for dinner this evening so head for the door. I am looking forward to spending time with those I don’t always work that closely with on a daily basis.