ISPOR US Event 2024 at Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ISPOR International 2024

Following on from our attendance at ISPOR International in Atlanta, Georgia in May, we are delighted to share our commentaries on key takeaways from our time at the conference.

Our Commentaries

Our Research Posters

We were delighted to present 6 research topics at ISPOR International. The titles of our research are listed below and the full PDF posters can be found here.

Monday 6th May

PT2: Comparison of Prescription Drug Affordability Boards across the United States

This poster has been selected for a poster tour given the particularly high impact nature of the research conducted.

Session Time: 10:30–13:30  |  Poster Tour Presentation Time: 11:30–12:15

MT1: Health State Utility Value (HSUV) Elicitation in Medical Technology and Digital Health (DH): How Do They Compare to Pharmaceuticals? A Targeted Literature Review (TLR) of Interventions in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM)

Session Time: 10:30–13:30  |  Discussion Hour: 12:30–13:30

HTA27: An Analysis of Manufacturer and Patient Engagement with Institute for Clinical and Economic Review Assessments

Session Time: 15:30–18:30  |  Discussion Hour: 16:00–17:00

MSR24: A Case Study Using Keynote-010 to Compare and Evaluate Long-Term Survival Estimates from Two Classes of Piecewise Models

This poster has been identified as a Top 5% Finalist for the ISPOR 2024 Research Presentation Awards.

Session Time: 15:30–18:30  |  Discussion Hour: 16:00–17:00


Tuesday 7th May

HTA37: Digital Health Value Assessment Frameworks: An International Landscape

Session Time: 10:30–13:30  |  Discussion Hour: 12:30–13:30

RWD131: Replicating Published Real-World Evidence Studies Using Electronic Medical Records from Community Hospitals

Session Time: 15:30–18:30  |  Discussion Hour: 16:00–17:00