ISPOR Europe Event 2023 at Copenhagen, Denmark

ISPOR Europe 2023

We are excited to be attending ISPOR Europe 2023 in Copenhagen in November and are pleased to share with you some further details on our presence at the conference. Below you will find information on our attendees, details of our booth in the conference exhibition hall, opportunity to book the free dedicated advice sessions that our Real-World Evidence (RWE) and MedTech experts are offering and a summary of the research we are proud to have contributed to the conference. You’ll also be able to access our post-conference reports via the link at the bottom of this page following the conference.

Visit Us

Costello Medical will have an Exhibition Booth (Booth C3-082) in the main exhibition hall at the conference, where you’ll always be able to find someone from Costello Medical and learn more about our company and services. Please come along and say hi!

MedTech & RWE Advice Sessions

Costello Medical’s MedTech and RWE teams will be offering complimentary tailored advice sessions at ISPOR Europe 2023, providing an opportunity to discuss your upcoming objectives and challenges, and seek transparent and tailored advice to support your MedTech or RWE goals. Please use our meeting booking form to pre-book an individual advice session.

MedTech: Our dedicated MedTech team work seamlessly alongside our Value and Access, Evidence Development and Medical Communications functions to deliver high-quality, scientifically robust support to the MedTech industry. We specialise in generating solutions to address the challenges manufacturers must overcome for successful market access and reimbursement of new and existing medical technologies, tailoring the projects we deliver to the unique needs of clients in the MedTech space.

RWE: Our team are experts in the delivery of RWE projects including both primary data generation and secondary data analysis. We also provide a range of related strategic services such as scoping literature reviews and gap analyses, data source mapping, and integrated evidence planning. Our multidisciplinary team can provide you with consolidated end-to-end support from study conceptualisation to publication, and we pride ourselves on developing strategically-focused RWE which resonates with stakeholders.

Our Team

We’re delighted to have a large team of 18 people attending the conference, including experts in our health economics, RWE, market access, HTA and literature review service offerings as well as representatives from our dedicated MedTech- and rare diseases-focused teams and from our in-house Creative team. We’re also really pleased to have Lucy Eddowes, Scientific Director, and Sara Steeves, Head of Technical Innovation and Development, as part of our conference team!

If you’d like to explore a meeting with any of our attendees at the conference then please use our booking form and select “General Meeting Enquiry”.


  • Lucy Eddowes – Scientific Director
  • Sara Steeves – Head of Technical Innovation and Development

Value & Access

  • Matt Griffiths – Global Head of HTA
  • Rose Wickstead – UK Head of HTA
  • Jacques Morgan – Senior Analyst, HTA
  • Kirsten Dundas – Consultant, Market Access
  • Grace Lambert – Consultant, Market Access

Evidence Development

  • Natalie Hearmon – Global Head of Health Economics and Statistics
  • Jack Smith-Tilley – Senior Health Economist
  • Sukanya Subramaniyan – Health Economist
  • Laura Clark – Senior Statistician
  • Declan Summers – Consultant, Real-World Evidence Lead
  • Hannah Luedke – Consultant, Literature Reviews and Synthesis


  • Ben McNally – Consultant, MedTech
  • Alex Pashley – Consultant, MedTech

Rare Diseases

  • Annabel Griffiths – Global Head of Rare Diseases
  • Tom Gleeson – Senior Analyst, Rare Diseases


  • Xin Tse – Senior Motion Designer

Our Research Posters

We are excited to be presenting 9 different research topics at this year’s conference, the titles and presentation times of which are detailed below. Please do come along to our posters during the discussion hour and discuss our research with us.

Monday 13th November

SA17: Application of CPRD Data in NICE Submissions: Model Inputs for Functional Health States

Session Time: 10:30-13:30  |  Discussion Hour: 12:30-13:30

HTA34: Demonstrating Similar or Greater Health Benefits Based on Indirect Evidence: A Review of NICE Evaluations that Include a Cost-Comparison Approach

Session Time: 10:30-13:30  |  Discussion Hour: 12:30-13:30

HTA7: Exploring The Predictive Accuracy of Treatment Waning Methods: An Analysis of Pembrolizumab Across Six Oncology Indications

Session Time: 10:30-13:30  |  Discussion Hour: 12:30-13:30

MSR53: Flexsurv Methods to Estimate CuRe: An Exploration of Methods for Modelling Cure

Session Time: 15:30-18:30  |  Discussion Hour: 16:00-17:00

HTA132: Reporting Patient Preference Studies in HTA Submissions: Does it Make a Difference?

Session Time: 15:30-18:30  |  Discussion Hour: 16:00-17:00

EE198: A Targeted Literature Review of Treatment Sequencing Approaches in Economic Analyses in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

Session Time: 15:30-18:30  |  Discussion Hour: 16:00-17:00

HTA112: The NICE Medical Technologies Evaluation Program: An Analysis of Clinical and Economic Evidence Evaluated in Published Medical Technology Guidance

Session Time: 15:30-18:30  |  Discussion Hour: 16:00-17:00


Tuesday 14th November

HTA193: Benefits Not Captured in the Quality-Adjusted Life Year Calculation: What Role Do They Play in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s Updated Decision-Making Process?

Session Time: 10:30-13:30  |  Discussion Hour: 12:30-13:30


Wednesday 15th November

HTA327: Acceptance of Real-World Evidence as Comparative Efficacy in Lieu of Trial Evidence: A Review of Past NICE Appraisals in Oncology

Session Time: 9:00-11:30  |  Discussion Hour: 9:00-10:00


Conference Report

Costello Medical will be preparing a number of insight commentaries on key topics from the agenda at ISPOR Europe immediately following this year’s conference. These will include our thoughts on topics relating to RWE, health economics, value assessment, the world of medical technology, and artificial intelligence in HEOR. Watch this space for the link to our commentaries soon after the conference!