Health Policy

Communications play a central role in health policy, helping to create a vision for the future and informing policy change to achieve defined healthcare goals at both the local and global level. At Costello Medical, our health policy team provides end-to-end support on a diverse range of health policy projects to address unmet needs and enhance quality of care for patients. We combine our scientific expertise, multidisciplinary approach, and experience of multi-stakeholder engagement to produce impactful, evidence-based deliverables.

Health Policy

Our dedicated team have experience in the delivery of:


White Papers, Position Papers and Policy Briefs

To raise awareness, educate and encourage collaboration with regard to a specific healthcare issue, presenting a framework of practical solutions for HCPs and policymakers.

Consensus and Recommendation Articles

Working with leading experts to develop evidence-based statements that encourage alignment, promote best practice, and ultimately improve patient care.

Roundtable and Policy Research Reports

Facilitating and capturing multi-stakeholder discussions, or findings from innovative research, with a focus on health policy and improving healthcare.

Service Evaluations and Options Appraisals

Working with key stakeholders in healthcare service delivery to collect and analyse data to evaluate policy change processes and impact, and to facilitate evidence-based decision making on different model options for future policy change.

What sets our health policy team apart?

  • Strong scientific understanding
  • Expertise in gathering insight from multiple stakeholder groups
  • Ability to tailor language to different target audiences
  • End-to-end support for a diverse range of projects
  • Multidisciplinary teams, with in-house design and evidence-development skills
  • Commitment to the delivery of high-quality work and excellent customer service
  • Strategic guidance to maximise impact of the project deliverable

Case Studies

Rare Diseases Policy Roundtable

Costello Medical organised and hosted a multi-stakeholder roundtable meeting in collaboration with the Cambridge Rare Disease Network (CRDN) and Beacon. Discussions focused on current challenges associated with the transition of young people living with rare diseases into adult healthcare services, and participants proposed a number of solutions and key recommendations to improve the transition process for patients and their families. Although discussions focused predominantly on services at the local level (Cambridgeshire and the surrounding region), many of the themes raised are likely to be relevant to national transition processes.

  • We worked closely with CRDN and Beacon to identify key stakeholders to attend the roundtable meeting, including patients and caregivers, other patient advocates, HCPs, youth workers and policy experts.
  • Prior to the roundtable meeting, we held a number of informal discussions and focus groups with local patients and families living with rare diseases, and a local healthcare practitioner (HCP), to identify key topics to include in the roundtable meeting agenda.
  • We collaborated with our in-house Design team to develop a summary report which captures the outcomes of the roundtable meeting, including case studies from specific individuals and services, as well as four key recommendations for action.
White Paper Development

Costello Medical was approached by an international think tank to develop a peer-reviewed white paper highlighting global challenges and opportunities to improve the quality of care for patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases.

  • We conducted a literature search and teleconference interviews with key opinion leaders (KOLs) to identify key topics for discussion at a one-day expert panel meeting.
  • During the meeting, we worked closely with the KOLs to align on key messaging and developed a framework for the white paper.
  • Following the meeting, we rapidly developed a full draft of the white paper for KOL review, keeping up momentum from discussions at the expert panel meeting. In parallel, we sent a presubmission enquiry to the first choice target journal.
  • A final draft of the white paper (approved by all 13 KOL authors) was submitted to the target journal just 2 months after the face-to-face meeting.
  • Within 1 month of submission, the white paper was accepted for publication alongside an editorial piece, enhancing the visibility of the article to rheumatology experts and policymakers.

Our careful planning, strategic input, fast turnaround times, and close collaboration with the KOLs throughout the development process guaranteed the delivery of a high-quality publication, within pre-agreed timelines, that surpassed client and author expectations.

Cross-Sector Policy Report

Costello Medical provided pro bono support to the Cambridge Rare Disease Network.

  • We attended their RAREsummit 2019 event and developed a report summarising the outcomes from a series of cross-sector discussions, to identify priorities for improving the lives of those impacted by rare diseases.
  • Working collaboratively with our Rare Disease division and in-house Design team, we developed a 20-page report summarising priorities across 5 key themes. The report included an executive summary, overview of topics discussed, methodology used to reach consensus on the priorities, and details of the overall top priority as voted by meeting attendees.
  • The final report was shared with the UK Department of Health and Social Care as part of a national conversation on rare diseases, to gather opinions for the new UK Rare Diseases Framework that was published in January 2021.

“This is really fabulous! So well presented, succinct and visually impactful. Thank you so much for all of the hard work that has gone into its creation. We are hugely grateful and proud of the outcome.”

Managing Director, Cambridge Rare Disease Network