A Day in the Life of a Global Health Intern

Skander Essafi

Completed the Global Health Internship with Costello Medical in 2020

How would you describe a typical day in the life of a Global Health Intern at Costello Medical?

  • I arrive at the office. To start the day, I write down my objectives and to-do list for the day, taking note of any unfinished tasks from yesterday. I also spend some time going through my emails and follow up on any that need responses.

  • Mid-morning, I have my weekly 30-minute meeting with my line managers to discuss the progress on my project, which involves developing a health economic model on antimicrobial stewardship in primary healthcare. This is a time where I can share with them the progress I have made in the last week, get their advice and technical support on specific aspects and discuss potential next steps for my project.

  • Following my meeting I focus on developing my economic model, implementing updates based on feedback from my colleagues in the health economics team. Additionally, I spend some time writing the report that I am producing to go alongside my economic model.

  • I head to our breakout area in the office with colleagues for lunch and a catch-up. If the weather is nice, we go outside to enjoy some fresh air. After lunch, I head back to my desk and continue to make edits to my economic model and report. I also spend time preparing slides for a presentation that I am giving on my project in a couple of days.

  • Mid-afternoon, my team heads to the breakout area for a tea break. This is a great time of the day to recharge my energy and have a chat with my colleagues. For the rest of the afternoon I search for articles in the literature related to the topic of my project and read articles that I think could be of use to support my model methodology or report discussion.

  • At around 5pm I am finished for the day, so I close my work down and head home.

What did you find most enjoyable during your time at Costello Medical?

I very much enjoyed the work atmosphere at Costello Medical. From day one I felt really integrated with the company. I particularly liked the fact that human interactions, and especially maintaining mental and physical health, are important values at the company.


What have you learnt during your internship that you will use in the future?

In Tunisia in my previous role, I was not used to working on a single research project for such a long time due to lack of funding and because of having other duties in the hospital and primary healthcare. This internship allowed me to focus, stay motivated and aim for the best possible outcomes for my project. I learnt a lot about how to keep my work as consistent as possible. I also saw that working with many people with different areas of expertise is key in order to successful deliver your project. The experience I have gained from my internship is definitely going to help me in the future with writing articles, working in multidisciplinary teams and especially in pursuing further work looking at antimicrobial stewardship in primary healthcare.

What would be your advice to those considering applying for the Global Health Internship?

  1. If you have a project or idea that you are already working on, think about how Costello Medical’s expertise could be applied to improve or develop your project.

  2. While developing ideas for your project, try to make your goals and objectives as specific as possible in order to ensure your work is feasible within the internship.

  3. Think about the specific aspects of your project that would benefit from the support and expertise at Costello Medical or from other stakeholders.