Our Shanghai office benefits from:

  • Approximately 215ft² of office space within the WeWork co-working space at Yanping Lu, an A-grade building situated in the heart of Jing’an District, offering 24/7 access to its many amenities
  • Yanping Lu is also encircled by numerous restaurants, many of which showcase the traditional cuisine of Shanghai, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows providing natural sunlight, as well as a small cozy balcony
  • Located next to two main Metro stops, Line 7 and Line 2, this space is easily accessible
  • Thrilling prospects for professional development, combined with a workplace that preserves the supportive and amicable atmosphere of a small team
  • Step-free access throughout the building with lift access, disabled toilets, showers and more

Why Shanghai?


  • Shanghai boasts an extensive and efficient public transportation system, including a well-connected metro network and a comprehensive bus system, facilitating convenient citywide travel
  • For those who prefer a more personalised mode of transportation, Shanghai provides numerous well-connected cycling paths, along with apps like Mobike for bicycle rentals

Housing & Accommodation

  • With innovative urban planning, Shanghai offers diverse housing communities seamlessly connected to the city centre through excellent transport links
  • The city offers a variety of housing options, including modern apartments and traditional neighbourhoods, ensuring residents find accommodation that suits their preferences and budgets


  • Shanghai boasts a diverse and vibrant culinary scene, offering an array of dining experiences that cater to different tastes. From upscale restaurants to local street vendors, the city provides a rich tapestry of flavours
  • Explore the authentic tastes of Shanghai with its renowned local cuisine. From traditional Shanghainese dishes to regional specialties, you will find a variety of flavours that capture the essence of the city’s culinary heritage
  • One of the highlights is the vibrant street food culture, where you can immerse yourself in the bustling local markets. Try an assortment of delectable snacks and dishes offered by street vendors, providing a delightful and affordable way to experience Shanghai’s culinary delights


  • Shanghai offers an array of entertainment options. From traditional festivities to contemporary events, there is always something exciting happening in the vibrant metropolis
  • Experience the cultural richness of Shanghai through its diverse festivals and events. Celebrate the grandeur of the Chinese New Year, witness the exhilarating Formula 1 races and indulge in the gastronomic delights of the Shanghai Food Festival
  • Catch the latest films and cinematic masterpieces in Shanghai’s modern and well-equipped theatres. Whether you prefer international blockbusters or independent films, the city’s cinemas offer a diverse range of cinematic experiences

Exploring Shanghai