Abstract graphic depicting equality and inclusion

We strive to promote equality and inclusion, create a diverse and inclusive workforce, and celebrate the diverse range of backgrounds of all our colleagues in our offices worldwide

We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. With this in mind, we aim to create a workplace where each individual is celebrated, respected, and valued for the skills and experience that they bring to the table and receive equal opportunities for growth within the company.

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We recognise the critical role our local communities play in our company’s success, and with our influence and resources, we are committed to positively impacting these communities

As a company, we consider it our corporate social responsibility to use our influence and resources positively to support our local communities. Alongside our professional commitment to our teams and clients, we hope to bring forth positive, meaningful change within our local communities.

“We want Costello Medical to be an open and inclusive organisation that can be a professional home to the whole team. We also see it as our responsibility to contribute to improved equality of opportunity in the places where we work.”

We have two key focus areas which work in tandem to deliver our E&I strategy:

Equality & Inclusion at Costello Medical

Monitor, champion and improve the diversity, equality and inclusion of our workforce and internal policies

  • We analyse diversity data across the company collected via the E&I section of our annual employee survey and from recruitment candidates to build a comprehensive understanding of our workforce diversity, informing internal E&I initiatives and projects aimed at boosting diversity.
  • We develop a series of quarterly, internal newsletters to raise awareness on a number of E&I topics and provide company-wide updates on E&I initiatives. Previous newsletters focussed on Black History Month, LGBTQIA+, among others.
  • We create a comprehensive calendar of observances to ensure that diversity is reflected within all dates marked by the company.
  • We support employee resource groups (ERGs) representing individuals with shared identities and interests, including networks for LGBTQIA+ individuals, international colleagues, and working parents.
  • We attend a wide range of university career fairs, as well as events targeting diverse populations (e.g., historically black colleges and universities [HBCUs] events in the US).

Broader Commitment to Equality & Inclusion

Promote social mobility, equality and inclusion in local communities through outreach activities

  • We host work experience programmes to introduce students from local schools in Cambridge and London to the world of work, with many colleagues running careers sessions, networking sessions and skills workshops.
  • We also collaborate with social mobility charities that work with young people (e.g., The Switch in London) to offer work experience, conduct mock interviews and attend careers events.
  • We collaborate with the Social Mobility Foundation, coordinating mentorship and delivering presentations for their virtual internship and careers carousel.
  • The company funds two full bursaries for students from North Cambridge Academy in Cambridge to attend The Stephen Perse Foundation.
  • We attend a wide range of university career fairs, as well as events targeting diverse populations (e.g., historically black colleges and universities [HBCUs] events in the US).