Market Access

For international pharmaceutical companies, the focus in Asia has – until recently – been on bringing branded, established products to Asian markets and distributing them by means of a large sales force. However, Asian countries are now also seen as high-priority markets for the launch of newer, innovative healthcare products. Because these are often high-cost, successful market access calls for additional activities to persuade stakeholders of their value. Yet to expand such activities quickly is a challenge, and one to which pharmaceutical companies can rise most successfully if they are supported by medical agencies with an established track-record in delivering the services required.

In all of our work at Costello Medical, we focus on demonstrating the value of a product using the strongest scientific evidence base available; but nowhere is this emphasis more evident than in our market access work, where the correct positioning and strategic communication of data is vital if the value of a product is to be compellingly communicated to every relevant audience.

Consequently, all of our market access projects begin by considering:

  • What is the value of the product?
  • What is the most compelling evidence to support the value?
  • To whom should the value be communicated?
  • How can the value best be communicated?

We recognise that the clarity and consistency of communication is pivotal to successful market access, particularly when messages have to resonate with stakeholders in many different countries. We therefore ensure that all our work – from value dossiers to economic tools – is always scientifically accurate, accessible to the target audience and presented creatively to convey the value messages in the most appropriate format.
Indeed, all our market access materials are developed using the key value messages as their foundation, ensuring consistent communication.

Our extensive market access experience with pharmaceutical products and medical devices includes the following, in both English and Chinese:

  • Key value messages
  • Global and regional value dossiers
  • Value slide kits
  • Interactive value resources, including apps for mobile devices (Costello Medical are certified BaseCase developers)
  • Evidence-based product brochures
  • Objection handling documents
  • Systematic or structured literature reviews, conducted by our Evidence Development Division
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions, through our dedicated HTA Team
  • Economic tools and other models, delivered by our Health Economics Team

Please contact Craig Brooks-Rooney for further information about our English and Chinese market access services in Asia-Pacific.

Since the Costello Medical Singapore office was established in April 2014, our Asia-Pacific offering has grown rapidly and continues to expand our expertise, local language capability and client base in the region. A case study on Costello Medical’s successful international expansion from the UK was published by UK Trade & Investment, accessible here.

A newly created market access department within a midsize pharmaceutical company asked us to develop materials to communicate the value proposition for their products and, at the same time, to help them convince their organisation of the advantages of a coordinated worldwide market access strategy.

We began by creating a global value dossier for a key established product. By incorporating the results of a bespoke questionnaire sent to affiliates and integrating all relevant clinical and economic evidence identified through extensive literature searches, the value dossier responded to the needs and challenges of teams in different countries, provided a central point of reference for all users and ensured the coherent and consistent communication of value messages about the product. All references were hyperlinked into the value dossier and provided on a separate CD for easy internal distribution.

Understanding the market access department’s need to explain an unfamiliar tool to senior management and other colleagues, we responded rapidly to a need that arose for accompanying training slides to convey concisely the value dossier’s methodology, content and practical purpose. Conscious of the need for market access activities to be conducted cost-effectively, we provided these additional materials free of charge.

The value dossier was met with a universally positive reception across the organisation and the market access team gained approval at board level for us to develop value dossiers for two other established products. The value dossiers will be used to generate objection handling documents, local market access plans and sales force training materials.

A biopharmaceutical company with a first-to-market therapy approached us for support in revising their market access strategy in order to respond proactively to the entrance of the first competitor agent to the market.

The existing therapy had enjoyed two years in the market with little competition, and its market access strategy was based primarily on its excellent clinical evidence and novel approach to managing a condition where patients were frequently unsatisfied with the traditional therapeutic options available. The entrance of a comparable competitor agent to the market triggered the need for a radical overhaul of the market access strategy to counter the entrance of the new agent.

The project thus required a detailed analysis of the data available for the client’s product as well as the data and anticipated messaging and market perception of the competitor. We presented this analysis at a market access workshop involving the Medical, Marketing, Commercial and Market Access Directors, and the key value messages of the product were revised to emphasise the long-term data available for the product, the available real-world data and the economic case compared to the competitor.

We translated the outcomes of the market access workshop into a global market access strategy that detailed short- and mid-term communication plans to coincide with the critical launch milestones of the competitor product. This plan was aligned with the revised value messages differentiating the original product from the new entrant, and future market access workshops were planned with local affiliates to ensure that the strategy was being accurately and consistently applied in each country.