Health economics and outcomes research is a vibrant, relatively young and rapidly evolving discipline that is advancing simultaneously in industry, in specialist professional organisations, and in the world’s leading research institutions.

As a commercial enterprise operating at this intersection, we contribute to the advancement of the field by presenting our own research at major congresses staged by ISPOR, HTAi, NICE and ISMPP, and through our strong commitment to professional training.

We have become long-standing champions of York University’s postgraduate courses in Health Economics for Healthcare Professionals, encouraging and funding all our scientific staff to study towards the Certificate and Diploma alongside their professional responsibilities. We also offer funding for the postgraduate Clinical Trials programme and postgraduate Public Health programme at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, for accreditation with the European Medical Writers Association, and for ISPOR’s short courses.

In partnership with Cambridge University’s Masters in Bioscience Enterprise, we also run a Global Health Internship that regularly brings a healthcare professional from a low- or middle-income country to Cambridge to conduct research on a healthcare challenge facing their own community.